Jeremy Shockey

Sore legs sideline Giants' Shockey

ALBANY, N.Y. -- Pro Bowl tight end Jeremy Shockey missed two practices with sore legs at the New York Giants training camp on Thursday.

Shockey had complained that his legs were bothering him on Wednesday. Giants coach Tom Coughlin said after the morning practice on Thursday at the University at Albany that the six-year veteran had upper leg soreness and would sit out both workouts.

Cornerback Kevin Dockery continues to be sidelined with a concussion sustained over the weekend.

"Last night the doctor said it is probably going to be day-to-day," Coughlin said. "It could be a while or it could be that he wakes up and feels better. But even when he does say he feels better, he is going to have to go through those tests to prove that he is ready to go."



August 2, 2007 -- ALBANY - The obsession about who is not here at Giants training camp was supposed to revolve around Tiki Barber. That storyline was interrupted by a summer held hostage by Michael Strahan.

Strahan's absence and holdout greatly affects the defensive front; Barber's retirement changes the dynamic in the running game and alters the face of the offense. When someone was needed to get the tough yards, pick up the first down, offer a state-of-the-team address or, on occasion, to tweak the coaching staff, Barber willingly moved front and center.

Who fills that leadership void on the offensive side of the ball? Jeremy Shockey has raised his hand.

"I just feel like [Barber] was such a great leader, a great person, obviously you hate seeing someone like that leave, but it's life, he moved on, and this team is going to move on without him," Shockey said yesterday in his first comments since camp began six days ago. "I think we're going to be successful without him. Some guys are going to have to step up and take that leadership role and take command of this offense. It's still early in camp."

Shockey speaks . . . but has little to say

ALBANY, N.Y. -- When Jeremy Shockey pops off to the media, it's news. Now, when Shockey doesn't pop off, it's also news.

The Giants' Pro Bowl tight end met with reporters yesterday for the first time since arriving at training camp late last week. And in a surprising development, he said nothing that would grab a headline in 4 1/2 minutes of questioning -- even though he was given the opportunity to comment on Michael Strahan's holdout.

"I don't want to talk about that," Shockey said when asked about Strahan. "That's Mike's business. I respect him, he's a Hall of Fame player. And what he's doing, that's none of my business."

Shockey then cut a follow-up question short by saying, "Again, I don't want to talk about it."

Shockey shows up at voluntary workout

EAST RUTHERFORD -- Jeremy Shockey left no doubt Friday as to how he feels about the whole concept of the Giants' off-season training program. Who needs it?
"If it was such a big deal, Ernie Accorsi would have put in my contract a bonus or a clause that if I'm here 80 percent of the time or 100 percent of the time ... he wouldn't have given me a big bonus up front," Shockey said. "He'd have given me half a bonus for coming in and working out.

"That right there should tell you it's not a big deal. Off-season workouts are about keeping guys in shape that don't want to be in shape. Guys that stray off and don't eat right and all that."

Not that Shockey hasn't worked out all off-season.

He's up to 265 pounds, 11 pounds more than his previous high weight, all put on in his sessions at his traditional off-season training haunt near the University of Miami.

Bulkier Shockey defends absence

Jeremy Shockey was back on the field yesterday, bouncing around, playfully chiding teammates and injecting a bit of energy into the Giants' organized team activity workouts.

Plus, he arrived in East Rutherford weighing a career-high 265 pounds of visibly solid muscle. And he said he's faster than he was at this point last year.

Energetic. Solidly built. And speedy. Three reasons why the veteran tight end feels he shouldn't have to respond to concerns for the third straight year about his training in Miami for much of the off-season.

"It's a slap in my face when people think that I'm trying to do something that betters myself and no one else," Shockey said during a nine-minute session with reporters. "I have to take care of myself in order to better this team.

Giants' Burress and Shockey Pull Disappearing Act ... Again

The Giants began their third round of organized team activities yesterday and surprise, surprise, surprise, tight end Jeremy Shockey and wide receiver Plaxico Burress were no where to be found.

"You've just got to accept it," Eli Manning said. "I've got to do what I've got to do. You make the best out of it. Whoever comes to practice, I'll try to get the best out of them."

It sounds like Manning is waiving the white flag and I suppose the fans and organization should do the same. While Burress and Shockey reluctantly showed up earlier this month, it's apparent that is the most effort they're going to give.

I'm a bit disappointed to learn about their most recent disappearing act because I truly thought they had turned a corner. Sadly, that's not the case at all and they won't be getting the additional work with their young quarterback like the team so badly needs.



May 23, 2007 -- Jeremy Shockey flew in from Miami under the radar like a stealth bomber late last week to participate in the Giants' offseason program, to the delight of quarterback Eli Manning and Tom Coughlin and his coaches.

"My only goal is to win a championship, and I can't do that injured," Shockey told The Post yesterday. "The No. 1 way to stay healthy is for me work on natural grass."

Shockey said he is in the best shape of his life after another winter of spartan workouts on the natural grass at his Miami (Fla.) alma mater.

"I hope the fans can understand my point of view," Shockey said. "I hope my teammates and coaches can understand my point of view. I'm not going to change my workout routine. I'm not going to change my philosophy of working out.

Well I'll Be ... Shockey Will Report to Giants Minicamp

According to a report by Anthony Fucilli of MSG Network, Jeremy Shockey will join Plaxico Burress and the New York Giants at minicamp next week.

Once again, this is something that shouldn't be huge news, but is. Like Burress, Shockey tends to workout in Miami and avoid all non-mandatory camps. It's been a problem for the last few years and something that has manifested itself on the field.

However, Burress and Shockey are making a statement this year. It's a sign of maturity and something that should give the Giants and their fans some hope. The team is already starting to rally around each other -- something that didn't happen at all last season.

The mere presence of Burress and Shockey in camp should help Manning reach that next level. He's primed to break out and the extra work with his two top targets sure couldn't hurt.


Jeremy Shockey Update

There's been no sign of tight end Jeremy Shockey, who also spends his offseason in Miami. Burress said he ran on the beach a while back with Shockey but gets nothing but voice mail every time he attempts to leave a message.

"Pretty much if I'm here I think he'll show up," Burress said.

Manning said he had spoken to Shockey.

"He's kinda waiting; his brother is expecting a baby so he's trying to figure that out," Manning said. "We're gonna be in touch, and hopefully we can get him up here before camp starts."


Notes: Eli calls out Shockey, Plaxico;

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. — New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning has asked tight end Jeremy Shockey and receiver Plaxico Burress to come to Giants Stadium this spring for offseason workouts.

Shockey and Burress have worked out in Miami the past two seasons and skipped the voluntary workouts that Manning has attended.

Manning has telephoned Burress and Shockey and told them he would like them to be available when he starts throwing in mid April.

"I'll talk to them as it gets closer and see what their plans are," Manning said. "I don't want to put words in their mouth, but hopefully we can get them in and I can throw twice a week."

Manning said he would not go to Miami to throw to the receivers before minicamp.

"I am up here, this is where I have to be," Manning said. "The players are here, the receivers are here. It's my responsibility to be here with my teammates. This is where I work out and I get my film and everything. This is where the offseason program is."


Building chemistry - Giants' Manning wants Shockey, Burress in New York

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. (AP) -- New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning has asked tight end Jeremy Shockey and receiver Plaxico Burress to come to Giants Stadium this spring for offseason workouts.

Shockey and Burress have worked out in Miami the past two seasons and skipped the voluntary workouts that Manning has attended.

Manning has telephoned Burress and Shockey and told them he would like them to be available when he starts throwing in mid April.

Burress, Shockey miss voluntary program

The Giants had a strong turnout for the opening of their voluntary offseason strength-and-conditioning program yesterday.

Most of the team showed up, save for Eli Manning's two main receiving options. As usual, tight end Jeremy Shockey and wide receiver Plaxico Burress were no-shows. They have worked out on their own in agent Drew Rosenhaus' facility in Miami the past two years.

One might remember it was Shockey's absence that drew Manning's ire two years ago when Manning called him out for working out on his own. Shockey basically shrugged off the criticism and went his own way anyway. And when Burress was asked after the 2006 season whether he would work at Giants Stadium if Tom Coughlin were replaced, he said, "Tell (the new coach) I'll see him in training camp."

Shockey, Burress skip Giants' voluntary conditioning camp

Giants tight end Jeremy Shockey and wide receiver Plaxico Burress did not show up at Giants Stadium as the team kicked off its voluntary offseason strength and conditioning program today.

That's nothing new. Shockey and Burress have opted to do their offseason work on their own in Miami the past couple of years, which has irked quarterback Eli Manning. Manning said as the Giants broke up last year that he would make it a point of getting in some quality throwing with his two main receiving options, whether that meant heading south or having the two come north for a while.

Defensive tackle William Joseph, another player who spent most of the offseason in Miami with Shockey and Burress, did show up for the program's opening.


Shockey scratched

Jeremy Shockey pulled out of the Pro Bowl on Friday, nearly a month after a sprained left ankle forced him to miss the Giants' regular-season finale against Washington. Dallas' Jason Witten will take his spot on the NFC roster.

Shockey was injured on a fourth-quarter hit from Jay Bellamy in the Dec. 24 loss to New Orleans. But the tight end fought off the injury to catch three passes in the first-round playoff loss to Philadelphia, although he hobbled off the field several times. He also battled an injured left ring finger, dislocated during a pre-game workout in Tennessee on Nov. 26.

Shockey was voted to his fourth Pro Bowl in his first five seasons after registering a team-high 66 catches for 623 yards and seven touchdowns.

The Giants' off-season program begins March 19, although it is unknown whether Shockey will participate or continue with his annual spring workout in


Giants see signs Shockey's beginning to grow up

Lost in the swirl of dramatic events surrounding the Giants' playoff exit and subsequent hand-wringing over coach Tom Coughlin's immediate future was the behavior of tight end Jeremy Shockey.

We all know about Shockey's early-season antics, telling reporters after a Week 3 loss to the Seahawks that the Giants were "outcoached," just as we all know about the outspoken tight end's litany of immature behavior both on and off the field. He once called Bill Parcells a "homo" and said on Howard Stern's radio show that he wouldn't stand for having a gay teammate.

But Giants officials are cautiously optimistic that Shockey quietly has developed a more mature attitude and that his leadership role moving forward could prove to be a major factor in bringing the team closer together next season.

That last sentence might seem implausible, given Shockey's history of boorish behavior. But plenty of people in the organization, from team president John Mara on down, have noticed a more mature presence in the locker room.

Giants: Eyeing Eagles? Shockey says no

Another potential controversy for the Giants popped up yesterday afternoon when Eagles cornerback Sheldon Brown spoke about an on-field chat he had with tight end Jeremy Shockey in the second quarter of Sunday's playoff game in Philadelphia.

"He told me he wants to play here," Brown told the Philadelphia Inquirer.

But Shockey immediately squashed any possible rumblings that he doesn't want to be a Giant anymore.

"You're kidding me, right?" Shockey said through a team spokesman when informed of Brown's comments. "There are two teams that I love beating: Dallas, because I'm from that part of the country, and Philly, because they have won the NFC East for five of the last six years. We're 90 minutes away, and we can't stand each other.

For Shockey, a Fast Start Winds Down With a Fizzle

PHILADELPHIA, Jan. 7 — There was doubt last week whether Giants tight end Jeremy Shockey would play, but he started in Sunday’s 23-20 first-round playoff loss against the Philadelphia Eagles.

Early in the game, it was not clear how effective Shockey would be. He caught an 8-yard pass in the first quarter but he frequently limped after plays because of a left ankle injury he sustained two weeks ago.

In the second quarter, he looked more like the Shockey of old.

Giants' Shockey expects to play

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. - The Giants might have tight end Jeremy Shockey back for the Philadelphia game.

Shockey, trying to shake off a sprained right ankle, did some running on the side and appeared to move well. He is expected back at practice today, and the four-time Pro Bowler said he's going to push himself with the idea of playing on Sunday.

"I felt bad that I couldn't do enough last week to play in that game," Shockey said yesterday. "It was lose and you're out, and I wanted to play. I just felt I couldn't compete as hard as I had to, as hard as I needed to.

Shockey hungry to play

EAST RUTHERFORD -- Tom Coughlin and Jeremy Shockey haven't always seen eye-to-eye. And the Giants' coach and the tight end had another difference of opinion Wednesday, but this one wasn't of the antagonistic nature.

"Shockey will be on the side and hopefully will be able to work [today], we'll see," Coughlin said when asked whether the tight end, who missed the regular-season finale in Washington with an ankle sprain, would be on the practice field.

The tight end, however, showed up in pads in the practice bubble outside Giants Stadium, ready to get back to work. His bad left ankle, injured in a late-game run-in with Saints safety Jay Bellamy, was wrapped with just one thin piece of tape.

Giants tight end Jeremy Shockey may play Sunday versus the Eagles

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. (AP) - Jeremy Shockey's swollen left ankle has improved considerably and there is a good chance the Pro Bowl tight end will play for the New York Giants on Sunday in the NFC wild card game against the Philadelphia Eagles.

"I want to play every Sunday," Shockey said Wednesday. "I felt bad I couldn't play last week. It's the nature of this sport, being hurt. You have to deal with the injuries. It's the one thing I don't deal with very well. It's getting better every day and hopefully I'll be able to do something this week."

Giants coach Tom Coughlin said that Shockey, who had a team-high 66 catches for 623 yards and seven touchdowns, would do some individual work Wednesday and possibly practice on Thursday.

Giants TE Jeremy Shockey misses practice Wednesdsay

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. (AP) — Pro Bowl tight end Jeremy Shockey missed the New York Giants' practice on Wednesday because of a sprained ankle.

Shockey was hurt in Sunday's 30-7 loss to New Orleans. He has been listed as questionable for Saturday night's game at Washington.

Fullback Jim Finn (back) did not practice on Wednesday. He is probable.

Offensive lineman Rich Seubert (shin) also missed practice and it is unlikely he will play.

Starting guard David Diehl was excused from the workout to attend the birth of his first child. Diehl's wife, Nicole, gave birth to Addison Elizabeth Diehl at 2:35 p.m.

The Giants (7-8) can virtually clinch a playoff berth with a win on Saturday.


Healthy Shockey needed to boost passing game

If the Giants want to win in the playoffs, they'd better get their passing game going. To do that, they need their leading receiver on the field.

So, Tom Coughlin, will Jeremy Shockey's sprained left ankle heal enough to allow him to play on Sunday against the Eagles?

"I'm not sure about that," the coach said on a conference call yesterday. "We're going to have to progress and see."

The good news is Shockey can wait two more days. The Giants don't return to practice until Wednesday. But chances are, Shockey will still be limited at best while recovering from an injury that was serious enough to keep one of the toughest players in the league off the train to Washington over the weekend.