Warrren Sapp

Slimmed-down Warren Sapp still has big voice for Raiders

NAPA, Calif. (AP) -One thing hasn't gotten smaller on this year's slimmed-down version of Warren Sapp: his mouth.

Whether he's arguing with the officials, needling a teammate or giving instructions to a younger player, Sapp's booming voice serves as the soundtrack for Oakland Raiders practices at training camp.

``He's just Warren, and that's the best way you can put it,'' said receiver Mike Williams, a frequent target of Sapp's this summer. ``He doesn't mean anybody any harm. He is how he is, and one thing you can say about him, he' consistent. He's not somebody who's going to be rowdy one day and you're not going to hear him the next. You know that. It's all fun.''

Sapp has been vocal about Williams' weight, saying he should block instead of catching passes. He's also gotten on linebacker Sam Williams for how to properly play a particular defense, demonstrated how to beat a block as a tackle to Tyler Brayton and begged officials for calls in training camp drills.

Warren Sapp Shows New Look at Raiders' Minicamp

ALAMEDA, Calif. -- JaMarcus Russell's immense size was much less of a jolt for many of the Oakland Raiders than the sight of Warren Sapp. The formerly bulky Sapp arrived at minicamp this weekend looking like a scaled-down version of himself, dropping nearly 50 pounds since the end of last season and weighing only about 25 pounds more than Oakland's rookie quarterback.

"He looks funny, doesn't he," defensive end Derrick Burgess said. "Looks good, though. I like what he did for himself. That should add about six more sacks to it I bet."

Sapp did just fine at his old weight of 334 pounds, recording 10 sacks in his most productive season since 2000 and anchoring a defense that was the only strength for the Raiders during a difficult 2-14 season.

But he still spent the offseason slimming down and is as light as he's been in years. Sapp wouldn't disclose how much weight he lost but coach Lane Kiffin said his star defensive tackle was down to 285 pounds from 334 late last season.

The incredible shrinking Sapp

Warren Sapp would not go into specifics when asked about what appeared to be a startling weight loss following Friday's first practice.

If Sapp wanted it kept private, nobody told Lane Kiffin, who informed the media that Sapp had lost 49 pounds, making the Raiders defensive tackle only slightly bigger than their new quarterback.

Asked about Sapp's weight, Kiffin said, "He was 285. He was 334 I think last year. I was not here, but I think that's what the books say. We're very excited about that."

It may be the lightest Sapp has been in his professional career. Kiffin said he can't remember Sapp being that light in Tampa Bay when his father was defensive coordinator.

"He looks fast out there. He's flying around," Kiffin said.

Is it possible Sapp has lost too much weight and will have trouble holding up?

"I don't know," Kiffin said. "We'll see."


60 seconds with Oakland Raiders defensive tackle Warren Sapp

What's your favorite South Beach hangout?
Nah (don't have one). When I came to school (in the early 1990s), it wasn't South Beach then. You didn't come out here unless you were lost or you were looking for cocaine.

Your Miami Hurricanes won seven games this season including a bowl. Is it fair to expect new coach Randy Shannon to win at least eight games his first season?
You really need to ask me that? Yeah, he's expected to win eight games, but soon they'll be talking about 12-0 in training camp. Randy Shannon knows exactly what that university is all about. He'll put it exactly where it is supposed to be - on top. He's going to bring us a ring.

ESPN has set up camp here in South Beach this week. Who is your favorite network personality?
Dan Patrick. En fuego. All day.

Colts or Bears?
Indy 20-17.