Clinton Portis

Portis on the right track with rehab

Gary Fitzgerald, of, reports Washington Redskins RB Clinton Portis (knee) is "on the right tack" in his rehabilitation from knee tendonitis, according to head coach Joe Gibbs. Portis was re-evaluated by Dr. James Andrews, the team's senior orthopedic consultant. "The report back to me was that they think [Portis's knee] is getting better for sure. They think we are doing the right things [in terms of Portis's rehab]," Gibbs said.

Portis remains cautious

Earlier in his career, even last year, Clinton Portis would have tried to rush back from an injury to play, risking the chance of a setback.

But choosing discretion over valor is Portis' strategy this August, meaning he won't practice and certainly won't play for the Washington Redskins until the tendinitis in his knee has become manageable.

"Last year, I wanted to be on the field, wanted to do this, wanted to do that, wanted to be a part of things," he said yesterday at Redskin Park. "But when I was out there, I wasn't the No. 26 of old and all of a sudden, I was written off like I [stink].

Clinton Portis Update

Running back Clinton Portis (knee) made the trip but missed his fourth straight preseason game dating back to last summer. Gibbs said that Dr. James Andrews and the team doctors said Portis "is on the right track ... to where [the swelling] will calm down and go away.


Redskins' Portis will have knee examined to view progress

ASHBURN | Running back Clinton Portis will accompany the Redskins to Nashville, Tenn., for Saturday night's preseason opener against the Tennessee Titans, but it won't be to play football.

Portis, who has missed almost two weeks of practice with tendinitis in the knee, will be examined by orthopedic surgeon and team consultant James Andrews to make sure things are progressing and to try to form a game plan for his return.

"Rehab's going well, and I'm feeling good," Portis said. "I'll be back, hopefully soon, but I don't know when.... Next week, I have a couple of days to relax and get treatment, and hopefully next week I'll feel much better."


Portis Won't Play Against Ravens

ASHBURN, Va. - It is only pre-season and it is only a scrimmage, so Redskins running back Clinton Portis will be a spectator on Saturday when the Redskins and Ravens get together at M&T Bank Stadium in Baltimore.

Portis has been bothered by tendonitis in his right knee and he has not practiced since the beginning of the week. He has been limited to strength building activities and riding a stationery bike.

"If we had a game I could play. I am not injured," Portis said. "My knee is not even swelling up, it just gets tender. It's fine it just bother me when I make a cut or a sudden move."

While the injury is not serious, the right knee did bother Portis during off season work outs. With Portis out it will allow more time for Ladell Betts who emerged last year when Portis was limited to only eight games because of injuries.


CP Update (and other injuries, too)

Portis will be working on his conditioning and strengthening the area around his swollen right knee for the time being. Would be very surprising if he were to practice anytime before next Monday and Bubba Tyer, director of sports medicine, laughed when someone suggested Clinton might participate in the scrimmage Saturday in Baltimore.

No way they're going to risk anything there.

So it's a setback, but, the Redskins say, a minor setback and something not uncommon for a football player trying to get back into full playing shape after a lengthy absence due to tendinitis. Once Portis started cutting and turning and exposing the knee to contact, the knee was aggravated and discomfort set in.

There is no set timetable for a return, Bubba said, but he expects it to be a matter of "days" for Clinton to get back, and not "weeks."


Recharged Portis no longer running mouth for others

Clinton Portis says he's a changed man. Clinton Portis says he now lives in the present. Clinton Portis says he's going to worry only about himself, discuss only himself.

"I'm going to keep Clinton Portis out of trouble," the Washington Redskins running back vowed. "I'm going to keep Clinton Portis focused. I'm going to keep Clinton Portis on top of his game.... I don't know how anybody feels. I don't know what anybody's thinking. I don't know what anyone's going through. The only thing I know is what's going on in Clinton Portis' life."

Told about his star running back's remarks, Redskins coach Joe Gibbs said he couldn't remember Clinton Portis ever talking himself into trouble. Gibbs wasn't at this summer's Beach Blitz in Virginia Beach, when Portis' remarks to a television station supporting Atlanta quarterback Michael Vick's right to engage in dogfighting sparked a national backlash that lasted a couple of weeks.

Redskins officials say Portis was bewildered by the firestorm his comments drew from one vocal segment of the public. The remarks were made at the end of a long, playful exchange with teammate Chris Samuels. He'd done nothing but express an opinion, one born out of his rural southern roots. There, he later explained, dogfighting was common.

Clinton Portis Wants to Turn Training Camp Into a Resort

In 31 NFL training camps, the reporters show up looking for something to write and hoping they can get at least one player to say something more interesting than, "We're just going to take this season one game at a time."

At the Redskins' camp it's different because Clinton Portis is around. Dan Steinberg has a post at D.C. Sports Bog on what Portis said to the media Friday, and it includes more interesting quotes than most NFL players give the media in their entire careers. This is my favorite and, I think, Steinberg's:

"My idea of improving training camp is turning this into a resort, and that's going into the season healthy. I think the more guys you can get into the season healthy, the better chance you have, but Coach Gibbs and them's idea is totally different than mine, and they the rulers of this team. They the people who run this team, so whatever it is, I've just got to buy into it. I can't be an outcast any more, I can't stand up and speak on behalf of the team.

The whole thing is worth reading because Portis has the extraordinarily rare quality of being simultaneously articulate and incomprehensible.


Portis still talks good game

There were no bold predictions about a long playoff run. There were no specific projections on yards rushing and touchdowns scored. But Clinton Portis, just as he was the day he joined the Washington Redskins in 2004, remains bold and outspoken.

"CP will be CP — I'll get my yards and my carries and I'll get my touchdowns," he said.

With that, Portis was off and running during a long-winded press conference before the Redskins' first training camp practice yesterday.

Portis is healthy — his shoulder, hand and knee are fine.

Portis is happy — he missed football last year.

Portis is at peace — confident that he understands his role within associate head coach Al Saunders' offense.

Clinton Portis Update

RB Clinton Portis (shoulder and knee) again took part in a few drills but said he'll be fine for training camp. "My shoulder feels good; my knee's a little sore," he said.


Three miss time, but Portis returns

Shawn Springs was back on the field and then off it again almost before practice started. So was LaRon Landry. Rocky McIntosh wasn't on hand at all. But Clinton Portis was a surprise participant yesterday as the Washington Redskins opened the three-day minicamp that concludes their offseason at Redskin Park.

The players were told to stay away from anything to do with football on Thursday, but Landry still managed to hurt his groin. The sixth pick overall in April's draft, who figures to start at strong safety sooner rather than later, was injured playing paintball.

"LaRon got hit in a sensitive spot so he's going to have to rest a day or two," coach Joe Gibbs said. "It goes to show you can't control everything."

Portis apologizes for his comments

Washington Redskins running back Clinton Portis said yesterday his comments defending Michael Vick and making light of dogfighting last month during a television interview in Norfolk were "inconsiderate."

Portis spoke with local reporters after the Redskins' first offseason practice since May 24.

"I didn't understand the seriousness behind them," Portis said. "I didn't know it would affect that many people, and I didn't think what I said was offensive. ... After seeing how serious people took them, I shouldn't have made the comments.

"I'm going to leave it alone, hope it dies down and I hope people understand that, at the time, I had no idea the love people have for animals. I was inconsiderate for making those comments."

Goodell Slams Remarks By Portis - NFL Won't Pursue Disciplinary Action

NASHVILLE, May 22 -- NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell on Tuesday condemned comments by Washington Redskins tailback Clinton Portis in support of Atlanta Falcons quarterback Michael Vick, who is under investigation for his possible involvement in an alleged dogfighting operation in Virginia.

"I'm extremely disappointed and embarrassed for Clinton Portis," Goodell said in a written statement following a one-day NFL owners' meeting. "This does not reflect the sentiments of the Redskins, the NFL or NFL players."

Portis defends Vick — and dog-fighting

Washington Redskins running back Clinton Portis defended Atlanta Falcons quarterback Michael Vick in the dog-fighting controversy, WAVY-TV reported.

"I don't know if he was fighting dogs or not, but it's his property, it's his dog," Portis told WAVY-TV. "If that's what he wants to do, do it. I think people should mind their business."

Portis also told WAVY-TV that he knows "a lot of back roads that got the dog fight if you want to go see it" and that "if it's behind closed doors, it's OK."

Portis slowed by knee soreness

Already trying to rehabilitate shoulder and hand injuries, Washington Redskins running back Clinton Portis now has to deal with a knee problem.

Portis missed the team's offseason workouts Wednesday and yesterday to travel to Birmingham, Ala., where he was examined by Dr. James Andrews and diagnosed with patella tendinitis.

"It cropped up at the end of last week," coach Joe Gibbs said. "He had some soreness in the knee, but he described that he could run and work out on it and it would be fine the next day. This week it bothered him after the workout day so we decided to have it looked at."

There is no timetable for when Portis can return his running program.

Portis talking big

I got an interesting e-mail late last night about Washington Redskins running back Clinton Portis' upcoming appearance on the BET sports talk show "Ballers." Portis taped an episode that is set to appear Tuesday at 11 p.m. The show is hosted by former NBAer John Salley, former NFLer Hugh Douglas and comedian Guy Torry.

A partial transcript was emailed out last night and here is the one quote that jumped off the page. Asked about the Redskins' outlook in 2007, Clinton said ...

"I think this year we're going to make a lot of news. We went out and got what we needed. I actually think this will be our year. We're going to be in the NFC championship game. I guarantee that. Whatever that takes, we're going to get there."

Clinton Portis Update

Clinton Portis, Redskins running back: His 2006 season cut in half by a shoulder injury, Portis is still just 25 and has plenty good years ahead of him. But if the Redskins struggle behind quarterback Jason Campbell and their perennial free-agent busts, Portis' best Super Bowl chances are elsewhere. Potential Super Bowl: 2011.


Pondering Portis

Those of us who spent a first-round fantasy pick or enough auction money to stuff Charlie Weiss’ sweatshirt on Clinton Portis paid the consequences this past season. The Redskins’ stud running back suffered a preseason shoulder injury, plus in-season ankle and hand injuries that limited him to his lowest career output—523 yards and seven touchdowns in parts of eight games.

The result of his lost season, an offseason rehab program that will require him to miss Organized Team Activities this spring, and the emergence of Ladell Betts has led many fantasy owners to believe that Portis is no longer a top-10 fantasy running back.

Could it be that Portis, who opened his career with four straight seasons of more than 1,300 rushing yards, including three with more than 1,500, has already reached his fantasy peak? Could it be that the gradual increase in carries each year has worn him down?