Orien Harris

Orien Harris Update

Former Miami Hurricane Orien Harris, who played against Fraser’s Ohio State team in the 2002 season national championship game, now is in the defensive end mix with Fraser.

Harris once was seen a a major prospect. He came out of a Delaware high school ranked as the nation’s top defensive line prospect. After starting 34 games for Miami, though, he fell to the sixth round of the 2006 draft. The Steelers cut him last Dec. 2 and put him on the practice squad. Days later, the Browns were willing to commit a regular roster spot to him. Pittsburgh wasn’t, so he jumped to Cleveland on Dec. 11.


Orien Harris Update

The addition of Orien Harris to the Cleveland Browns could prove to be a very significant (and often overlooked) roster move. Coming out of the University of Miami, Harris was an inside defensive lineman, and was switched to end by the Steelers in his rookie campaign. Due to the depth of the Pittsburgh roster and Harris’ inexperience, the Steelers placed him on the practice squad, where the Browns signed him late in the 2006 season. Harris displays promise at the defensive end position in the 3-4 defense, with some pass rush potential.