Pat Burrell Update

Pat Burrell: On the Top 10 leaderboard, his name isn't listed. But guess who is No. 11 in the NL in on-base percentage? Pat Burrell, who is getting on base more than Lance Berkman, Jose Reyes or Matt Holliday, a current MVP contender. Hard to fathom for a guy who hit .129 in June. But check the walks: Burrell has already drawn 62 base on balls, which puts him on pace to shatter his career high of 98 in 2005.

Burrell should still be on his way out, though who knows if general manager Pat Gillick can get anyone to take him. Yet for all the flak he's gotten this year, he has hardly been a black hole in the lineup (though he hasn't been a source of power either, the same charges levied against Bobby Abreu in the past for taking too many walks). And with Burrell hitting .458 this month, there just might be signs of life.