Mum’s word on absent Meriweather

FOXBORO - The absence of Laurence Maroney [stats] from on-field participation at mandatory minicamp wasn’t all too startling, given the offseason shoulder surgery the Patriots [team stats] running back underwent.

Brandon Meriweather?

It was a surprise when the rookie first-round pick missed yesterday’s workout. He wasn’t at Thursday’s voluntary passing camp, either, during the one day the media was allowed to watch.

Meriweather has had a history of shoulder trouble. Pats coach Bill Belichick, naturally, wasn’t providing much on the rookie’s absence.

When asked to explain why Meriweather was missing, Belichick responded: “Well, there are a number of players that aren’t out there on the field. There are different things going on with different players.”

Was Meriweather injured?

“There are different things going on with different players,” Belichick repeated. “Some of them I’m sure will be out there tomorrow and some of them may not be. We’ll have the injury report the first Wednesday of the regular season. We don’t want to rush it.”

Justin Schulman, who represents Meriweather at the California-based Athlete’s First, is referring all inquiries on Meriweather to the Patriots.