Frank Gore Might Be Looking For a New Deal

It was only a matter of time, I guess. San Francisco running back Frank Gore is coming off a monster season, and now he's looking to get paid. Next year will be his third in the league, and the former third-round pick is still on his rookie contract (it's a five-year deal). But after rushing for 1,695 yards in 2006 (5.4 ypc), including eight TDs, his agent thinks it's time to renegotiate. So, who is Gore's agent (like you have to ask)?

Drew Rosenhaus said he expects talks with the San Francisco 49ers over a new contract for running back Frank Gore to "heat up" in the next few days. Those sentiments came shortly after Rosenhaus negotiated a six-year deal worth in excess of $32 million for running back Willis McGahee.

According to's Jason Cole, McGahee was Rosenhaus' third running back client to get a hefty raise in the past week: Fred Taylor (Jags) and Thomas Jones (Jets) also made out okay for themselves recently.

It sounds like Rosenhaus is looking for at least $20 million guaranteed, based on the McGahee, Taylor and Jones deals. No mention on how the 49ers feel about this, but the club still has some salary-cap room despite breaking the bank on Nate Clements last week. If there was ever a good time to give somebody $20 million, it's probably this off-season.