Babette vs. Bernie: battling over bucks

Courtroom blitz: Babette Kosar, estranged wife of former University of Miami and NFL star Bernie Kosar, filed more papers in their divorce case. She says he has ''refused to provide temporary support'' for her and their four kids, ages 6 to 15, while blowing big bucks. Babette also alleges Bernie was ''addicted'' to unspecified drugs ''for a six-year period,'' adding she fears she didn't get a fair shake from trial judge Lawrence Korda, based on Korda's recent pot smoking arrest.

Babette, who wed Bernie in 1990, petitioned to end the marriage in '05. Bernie says he gives her plenty of money and has no drug problem.
In the emergency motion for support, filed by attorney Terry Ellen Fixel, Babette, 42, says Bernie, 43, ''has expended many millions of dollars in the last year or so'' and has ''given away monies, corporate interests and other assets.'' Yet, she alleges, he travels by private jet, takes expensive vacations and bought a $4 million house near hers in Weston.

Bernie says he plays fair. ''Just this year alone, in the first three months, I've given her over $100,000 in cash and I've paid over $100,000 in bills.'' He adds: ``My friends think I'm an idiot because I'm so generous.''

Babette says she asked Korda in March '06 to order drug testing for Bernie. Korda ''dismissed the wife's concerns, stating that if [Kosar] looks impaired when he goes to pick up the kids, don't let him drive,'' attorney Jacqueline Valdespino says in a motion to disqualify Korda. Babette claims Korda was ``extremely insensitive.''

As for Babette's drug allegations, people ''create brush fires to deflect from their own issues,'' Bernie says.

Korda, 59, benched himself April 11 -- leave of absence from Broward circuit court. He could not be reached for comment. New judge is Larry Seidlin, ringmaster in the legal dispute over AnnaNicole Smith's body.