Aubrey Huff focussing on 2011 title defence challenge

If there is one thing the San Francisco Giants are experiencing in the 2011 season, it is a sense of accomplishment.

After winning their first World Series title after 50 years, the players look relieved and energised by their efforts. However, 2010 has long ended and Aubrey Huff is focussing more on their title defence challenge in the new season.

The Giants beat the Texas Rangers in the 2010 World Series to clinch the major title but the challenge for the top crown has reignited and Huff is ready for the game to kick off.

Huff recently signed a $22 million two-year contract extension with the club in the off-season period. The first baseman has a World Series ring but he is more tuned in to the opportunities in the new season.

“It's not about the ring for me. It's about the competition and getting in the playoffs and competing at that level with all the excitement. That was so much more fun than I can ever imagine. That's what you play for your whole life, getting in situations like that,” he said.

When Huff was asked about how to avoid complacency in 2011, he replied promptly.

“It's a good question. Throw everything out the window. My motto is, live in the now. I can't look to the future or the past. Try to get ready for this season. Everybody's going to be gunning for you. We're not going to sneak up on anybody this year,” said Huff.

Huff and Pat Burrell have been pushing the club in the right direction as well. They motivated the players in the organisation and gave them a target to achieve.

According to Huff’s teammate Sergio Romo, the only thing that matters towards achievement of targets is the right mindset. Romo also claimed that Huff would tell players on many occasions that they would need to adjust their attitude if he saw there was a tough situation on hand.

Huff went on to talk about his push towards working out and said watching the last out from the 2010 World Series would be enough to energise him.

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