10 questions with outfielder Blake Tekotte

Called up to the majors for the first time on May 23, the 24-year-old from Columbia, Mo., covers super heroes, Mickey Mantle and punting.

Q: You’ve played 346 games in the minors. What’s the longest bus ride you’ve taken?
A: Oh, man. I’ll have to go from Springfield, Mo., to San Antonio. That’s a loooong bus trip. About 12 hours.

Q: How do you pass the time?
A:Sleep. Maybe take some Nyquil. Watch a couple movies. Surfing my phone, surfing the Internet, just finding anything to do.

Q: Best minor league promotion?
A:Super Hero night in Lake Elsinore. On the scoreboard they had The Hulk, but with Kyle Blanks’ face all green. That was pretty funny.

Q: As part of the Adrian Gonzalez trade the Padres acquired center fielder Reymond Fuentes. They drafted Rico Noel in the fifth round last year. Your thoughts on the team stockpiling talent at your position?
A: It’s great. You don’t want to be given something on a silver platter.

Q: Toughest part about going straight from Double-A to the bigs?
A:Just the pitching’s a lot better. They hit their spots. They’ve got more movement on it. They’re able to throw every pitch (for strikes) on any count.

Q: Enough baseball questions. It’s your last meal. What are you eating?
A:I’ll have a nice big filet, a little baked potato and definitely a warm brownie with some ice cream for dessert. I’d go out in style, absolutely.

Q: You can invite any four people to dinner. Who are you breaking bread with?
A: Mickey Mantle. I just like the way he played. There was this quote I always liked him saying. One of his teammates asked why he played every day, even when he could barely get out of a cab. He said it might be one kid’s first ballgame and the only game he’ll ever be able to attend. And he didn’t want to disappoint any kids. Ken Griffey Jr. He’s the man. Tom Brady. He’s got tremendous swagger. And Jessica Alba. She just seems like she’s got a really great personality.

Q: All-time favorite movie?
A: “Varsity Blues” is a good one. It just kind of brings you back to your old high school days.

Q: Give us a little-known fact about Blake Tekotte.
A: I was a quarterback and left-footed punter in high school (in Missouri). Averaged about 40 yards.

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