Jon Beason's attorneys begin building case against Frye

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- Carolina Panthers linebacker Jon Beason is now on the offensive, starting his case against Greg Frye.

Frye claims Beason sucker punched him and damaged his face. Beason is countersuing and Monday, his attorneys put Charlotte-Mecklenburg police officers on the stand.

Police testified Frye told them he played for the Panthers, which isn't true.

Sgt. Ricky Robbins has worked Panthers security part-time since the team's inception. Robbins testified Monday that he got a call to go to the Uptown Cabaret in November 2009 to investigate a potential assault involving two Panthers players.

Robbins testified that Frye insisted he was on the team.

"I asked him if he played. He said he did. And I told him then that I worked with the Carolinas Panthers and I wasn't familiar with his face or his name," Robbins said. "And he said that he didn't play then, that he had been on the practice squad. And I told him that I still wasn't familiar with him and he said, 'Maybe you don't know all the players.' I asked him how long ago he played. He said the last two or three years. I told him again that the name didn't sound familiar nor his face. And he said that he did, in fact, play for the Carolina Panthers."

Another officer who took Frye's statement after the punch says Frye was uncooperative and was more interested in talking to the media than telling police what happened.

"He continued to go across the street to there about five times. The statement took approximately 20 minutes to take. I'd get about a sentence or two and then he would walk across the street again," said Officer Justin Spindler.

Under cross-examination, police testified Frye's wounds were fresh, as if he'd just been hit.

We're still waiting to see if Frye's ex-girlfriend testifies. In investigative notes read by a police officer Monday, the ex-girlfriend claimed Frye wanted to get into an altercation with former Charlotte Bobcats player Raymond Felton so he could sue him.

Detective William Guild read the statement without the jury present.

"When she confronted him about this he would just say it was something to do. She met Raymond Felton in January or February of 2009 and they went out a few times. Frye called and harassed Felton on the phone. Frye told Ramirez that he was going to get Felton to hit him so he could sue him," Guild read.

Beason's attorneys say they're not sure if the judge will allow the jury to hear that statement.

Before wrapping their case, Frye's attorneys pointed out what they believe are inconsistencies in what Beason told police compared to his answers on his videotaped deposition. An officer also testified Frye never threatened Felton.

The trial will continue Tuesday. The judge in the case said the jury will likely get the case Tuesday afternoon or Wednesday.

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