According To ESPN, Ray Lewis is the Best Leader in the NFL

6. Best leader: Ray Lewis -- Lewis wins this honor simply because he still impacts games without the benefit of the same athleticism that made him a future Hall of Famer in the first place. Just step inside the Baltimore Ravens' locker room and try to suggest that this 12-time Pro Bowl middle linebacker doesn't still set the tone for that franchise. Younger stars like Terrell Suggs, Ray Rice and Haloti Ngata still defer to Lewis, and he's wise enough to carry himself more like a proud, protective big brother than a loud-mouth, past-his-prime know-it-all.

That combination of wisdom and love -- along with a tenacity that still drives him to overcome his age (he's 36) -- allows Lewis to keep his stature as a Pro Bowler. Most aging veterans have a hard time commanding respect from younger players as their careers wind down. Lewis is the rare breed who doesn't have to say a word to keep that generation in lockstep behind his lead.

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