Ryan Braun places call to adoring Brewers fan

MILWAUKEE -- Too bad Robin didn't clear some of those prank voice mails, because Ryan Braun actually called.

"Robin" is the young lady who brought a sign to Miller Park Friday night demanding, "Marry me, Ryan." It came complete with her real cell phone number, and caught the all-seeing eyes of FS Wisconsin crew members, who put Robin on the air during the Brewers' blowout win over the Astros.

Gutsy move, and it worked. Braun called after the game and got Robin's voice mail, which was unfortunately full.

"I guess it wasn't meant to be," Braun said with a smile.

Actually, Braun is taken, and his girlfriend was among the family and friends on hand Thursday when the All-Star outfielder signed his five-year contract extension through 2020.

Braun cited the fan support he's received in Milwaukee since the Brewers made him a first-round Draft pick in 2005 as one reason he wanted to stay. That includes, of course, the support of young ladies trying to get hitched.

They stood 31,907 strong on Friday night and gave Braun standing ovations before every at-bat. He delivered a go-ahead home run in the third inning, and considering he's under contract for the next 10 seasons, he could be hitting many more over the years at Miller Park.

"It'll take a little while for me to really understand what that means or the significance of that," Braun said. "It's been a pretty crazy 24-48-hour period. I'm trying to enjoy it, trying to embrace it because it is a special time."

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