Santana Moss Heading To The Bears?

Whenever free agency begins, big-name receivers will be moving around all over the league: We’ve all heard a million pieces of speculation about where Terrell Owens and Plaxico Burress and Santonio Holmes and Braylon Edwards and Sidney Rice and Randy Moss might end up.

But here’s a piece of speculation about a veteran wide receiver we hadn’t yet heard: Santana Moss heading to Chicago and signing with the Bears.

The Bears are expected to try to add a veteran receiver in free agency, and Moss might be a better fit in the Mike Martz offense than any of the other receivers available, while also being less expensive than many of those other free agent receivers.

Writing on the Bears’ web site, Larry Mayer says Moss would be a natural fit in Chicago. Mayer notes that Moss could be “too similar in size, stature and style to receivers such as Johnny Knox and Devin Hester who are already on their roster,” but Moss’s size, stature and style is pretty much the size, stature and style that Martz looks for.

Of course, Moss has said his preference is to stay with the Redskins.

“My first choice is to stay in Washington,” Moss told Mike Florio on a February installment of PFT Live. “My mind is nowhere outside of Washington. The fans are great. The organization has treated me well since day one. That’s where I want to be, when it’s all said and done.”

What’s not known, however, is whether Mike Shanahan likes Moss enough to keep treating him well, by which we mean paying him well. If not, the Bears might be the team to make a move for Moss.

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