Witnesses Testify In Lawsuit Involving Jon Beason

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- A courtroom heard from two people Friday who had front-row seats to the altercation between Carolina Panthers player Jon Beason and Greg Frye, the man who said Beason punched him.

Fellow Panthers player Dante Rosario told jurors that while he and Beason and Frye were all in the Uptown Cabaret strip club, Frye claimed he'd seen Beason using cocaine during a party at Lake Norman.

Rosario said he told Beason and Beason went to confront Frye.

“The two, like, bumped chests, I guess,” Rosario said. “Someone grabbed him and he said somebody hit Mr. Frye.”

Jurors were shown pictures of a bloodied Frye outside the club with police.

Beason's personal chef, Joe Simmons, testified he was the one who held Beason back, showing Frye's attorney how he hooked Beason's arm.

“Commotion started. I grabbed Jon's arm -- hooked him right there and told him to get out of there,” Simmons said.

Both Simmons and Rosario said they don’t know who hit Frye, but said it wasn't Beason.

But earlier, when Frye was still on the witness stand, he told jurors repeatedly that the cuts and broken bones in his face came from Beason.

Two witnesses testified Friday that as Frye stood bleeding outside the Uptown Cabaret, he was yelling he'd been hit by “Jon Beasley,” not Beason.

Testimony resumes on Monday.

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