An unfair end to season for Ray Lewis

After watching the Ravens go off the field Saturday night, the one player you felt sorry for was middle linebacker Ray Lewis.
Here is a player who has given his heart and soul to this organization for the past 15 seasons, and the franchise hasn't been able to build an offense to match his or the team's effort on defense.

The Ravens have invested a lot into this offense for the past three seasons, and to come up with that kind of effort in a divisional playoff game was awful.

Lewis isn't the same player he once was, but he is still one of the better linebackers in the NFL, and he gives 110 percent every play. As the season winded down, you hoped the Ravens would be able to give him another Super Bowl ring before he left the game.

The window keeps closing for Lewis, and it would be nice to see him come off the field holding the Lombardi Trophy. He has been through enough head coaches, offensive coordinators and quarterbacks in his time here in Baltimore for the Ravens to find an offense that can match his effort, production and passion.

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