Al Golden turns to Michael Irvin for some of that old-time Hurricane discipline

Al Golden made it a personal mission when he became Miami's head coach in December to "uphold the legacy" by bringing former 'Canes back into the fold, and apparently now by embracing a few gems of classic "U" wisdom:

Golden says he's posted that nugget all over the building, further devoting himself to his favorite motivational noun. Of course, you may be thinking that, as far as "the legacy" goes, the golden-era teams in the '80s and '90s were never synonymous with "discipline," and Irvin has never been far from the action at "the U" or since. He's probably not the first guy you'd ask to write a textbook chapter on the subject.

But he does have four rings, five Pro Bowls, a Hall-of-Fame jacket and a short-lived stint on "Dancing With the Stars," which I guess makes him disciplined enough.

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