Reggie Wayne & Santana Moss The Best Of The Older Wrs

A number of old wide receivers have generated headlines this offseason, and could continue to generate them in the coming months. With that in mind, here, with some help from some pro scouts, are my best wide receivers who will be 32 or older when the season is scheduled to begin.

1. Reggie Wayne. It’s hard to believe he is 32. Wayne caught a career high 111 passes in 2010. His big play production was down a bit, but that probably was due more to the fact that he was the only consistent receiving weapon the Colts had. He remains a premier performer and a rarity.

2. Steve Smith. He is destined to be a former Panther soon, but it’s not because Smith as lost a lot. He might not be quite as fast as he was, but he still has explosive play making ability, and he plays physically. Smith needs to be paired with a veteran quarterback because he is an undisciplined route runner who sometimes will freelance.

3. Chad Ochocinco. He remains a special athlete with top separation skills. His quickness off the line is exceptional. That’s why there may be a trade market for this guy. Ocho has lost a step in straight line speed, however, and doesn’t outrun cornerbacks anymore. He also doesn’t compete the way he used to. Old Ochocinco does his best to avoid the middle of the field. Don’t ask him to block anyone, either.

4. Terrell Owens. He isn’t the same kind of all-around receiver he once was. T.O. is now inconsistent in his route running. He doesn’t separate well versus man to man, and is best on vertical routes, underneath routes and crossing routes. But at 37, he has been less affected by age than most because he is more reliant on muscle and size than speed. T.O. still can get yards after the catch and make big plays. Some team will sign him as a bargain free agent.

5. Santana Moss. Last year, at the age of 31, Moss had a career high for catches but a career low for yards per catch. He still has some of his excellent short area quicks, but his long speed is not what it was. Because Moss is a smaller receiver at 5-10, the party could end pretty quickly for him.

6. Donald Driver. At 36 he isn’t what he was, but he’s still a player who most teams would love to have. Driver has too many drops these days and is best as a role player. He can work the slot as well as almost anyone, as he has the quick feet, technique and physicalness to separate and make plays in a crowd.

7. Derrick Mason. He never has been fast, so Mason hides his 37 years well. He knows how to get open with double moves, change of speed, toughness and all the tricks. His craftiness has served him well on the back end of his career. As an underneath route runner/possession player, Mason remains very effective.

8. Hines Ward. Ward may not be as flashy a receiver as he is a dancer these days, but he remains a solid starter going into his 14th season in Pittsburgh. He does not run as well as he used to, and he has a hard time separating. But he is physical and effective in traffic. He also has excellent chemistry with quarterback Ben Roethlisberger. He fits perfectly where he is, but might not look so good on a lot of other teams.

9. Randy Moss. The 34-year old free agent still can blow by soft coverage, but it takes him longer to reach full speed than it used to. He is mostly a vertical player at this stage of his career who isn’t very effective on short and medium routes. He no longer gives you much after the catch. He is easily taken out of his game by press coverage.

10. T.J. Houshmandzadeh. The fact that he will be on his third team in as many years tells you something. He has lost a little speed, but never was a speed dependent player. Houshmandzadeh can find open windows in zones and use his strength to make plays. He can be effective as a third receiver who plays the slot. The fact that he has a reputation for being difficult to manage makes him less attractive to potential suitors.

Others include Deion Branch, Brandon Stokley, Brian Finneran and Joey Galloway. Plaxico Burress was not included because he did not play in the NFL last year.

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