Jon Vilma: “We’re more committed than other teams”

There can be a reasonable debate regarding the value of the player-only workouts organized around the league this offseason.

There is no question that a little team camaraderie can be beneficial. We’d guess the most important benefit is that it helps keep players in top shape, although most of them would be doing that on their own anyway.

The Saints have inarguably had one of the best organized and attended regular workouts, led by Drew Brees. Linebacker Jonathan Vilma believes it will give the team a real edge.

“We’re more committed than other teams,” Vilma told Mike Freeman of “Anyone who watches what we do can see that. There’s a lot of trust in each other and the system. I’ve been in the defensive system for three years. Drew has been in the offensive system for five years.”

Vilma, who is helping to auction off a practice spot with the team to fans for charity says the Saints are actually in better shape now than the summer before they won the Super Bowl.  We can’t speak to that, but we do agree with him that the continuity the Saints enjoy provides a huge advantage.

Since the Saints system is stable, Brees and Vilma can work on their schemes during the lockout.  Players with new coaches and playbooks to learn can’t get the same kind of work in.

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