John Salmons speaks up to try to halt losing streak

Players and coaches won't discuss publicly what was said in Friday night's players-only meeting or during Saturday's film session that was said to be another session of honesty among teammates.

But we do know who got the "clear the air" movement going: John Salmons.

Salmons is not the most vocal King. He admittedly leads by example. But with the Kings losing four consecutive games and with a 2-7 record, he felt the need to speak up and have the players talk amongst themselves.

"It's just a feel thing of being a veteran," Salmons said. "It was something I felt like we should do at the time."

The mood of the Kings was tense last night. A lot of players are unhappy. The angst ranges from players not getting enough playing time and some players shooting too much.

The issues aren't much different from what have plagued the Kings in recent seasons. Selfish play and a lack of accountability have surfaced numerous times whenever there is some kind of losing streak.

Salmons doesn't want to see this season lost before Thanksgiving.

"It's still early," Salmons said. "We haven't been winning games like we want to so I just wanted to, before it got too out of control, bring the team together and try to work some things out."

Added Chuck Hayes:

"We put stuff out there on the table, you know what it is. If you know what it is, it helps the relationships, you it helps the team."

"The guys responded well. We're not holding no grudges, we're not holding no animosity."

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