Lamar Miller of Miami Dolphins: I want 1,500 rush yards

There are NFL players with decent fantasy football buzz this season, and then there is Lamar Miller. The presumptive Miami Dolphins starting running back is The Guy among fans looking for a breakout player. Miller knows it.

"I hear a lot of fans talking about their fantasy teams," Miller told the crew on NFL Network's "NFL Fantasy Live" on Tuesday. "I'm really not trying to pay too much attention to it. I'm just trying to do whatever's best to help this team win, put points on the scoreboard."

This is the healthy approach. (The non-Jaguars approach.)

Being the fantasy "it" guy for an offseason can be precarious. For every trendy fantasy breakout that happens -- remember Matt Forte in 2008? -- there are guys like Ryan Mathews or Kevan Barlow, broken down on the side of the fantasy football sleeper highway. Miller knows exactly what to say to get the folks overexcited.

"My goal is 1,500 (yards)," Miller said. "We have great offensive linemen, so hopefully we can get the job done. I'm aiming for 1,500."

That sounds like a stretch, but those aren't the words of a guy worried about competition on his own team. (Like, say, Daniel Thomas.) Our guy Chris Wesseling has been driving the Miller bandwagon all offseason, and it's not too late to jump aboard.

The draft guide indicates Miller still isn't going in the top-50 fantasy picks, which means he's still getting taken too late.

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