Michael Irvin strongly denies using stickum

Most in the media have ignored #Stickumgate.  Fortunately, the folks at WFAN haven’t.

In the aftermath of Hall of Fame receiver Jerry Rice admitting to the application of stickum to his gloves and claiming that everyone did it, no other Hall of Famers (or other receivers) have come forward and said, “He’s right.”  Instead, two of them (so far) have said they never used stickum.

First, it was Hall of Famer Cris Carter.  Now, former Cowboys receiver Michael Irvin has strongly denied using stickum in a segment with Evan Roberts of WFAN.
“I love Jerry Rice, but that’s what everybody says. ‘Oh, everybody did it.’  That’s the oldest defense in the world,” Irvin told WFAN’s Evan Roberts.  “I didn’t use Stickum.  I never used Stickum, didn’t need Stickum, didn’t believe in Stickum.  I wouldn’t do it.  Troy [Aikman] would go off on me if I put Stickum on his footballs. You see what I’m saying?  Stop asking me this junk. I didn’t feel like I should answer it. I have not answered one on it.”

And then things escalated.  Quickly.  And disturbingly.

“It’s almost like — and I hate to get this harsh — if Aaron Hernandez starts saying ‘Well, Michael murdered some people,’ don’t start asking me did I murder somebody,” Irvin said.  “You know darn well I didn’t murder anybody. Just because somebody threw it out there — leave me alone with that mess. Get off my Twitter with that.”

Hopefully, Irvin’s comments will prompt more in the media to explore whether other receivers will be echoing Rice’s comments that all receivers used stickum or, as Carter and Irvin have done, stranding Rice on an island.

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