Kiper Says Mike James & Brandon McGee Late Round Picks

For the fifth consecutive year, UM will not have a player picked in the first round of the NFL Draft.

In fact, it seems likely only two Hurricanes — running back Mike James and cornerback Brandon McGee — will be drafted and neither will go until the third day of the selection process during rounds four to seven.

Only once since 1987 has UM not had a player drafted within the first three rounds. In 2009, Spencer Adkins was the only UM player drafted and he went in the sixth round.

ESPN draft analyst Mel Kiper Jr. spoke this week about what he sees in store for James and McGee.

“I like Mike James. He was one of the guys I think you can get probably a little later in the draft. I think about day three. It’s a kid over 220 pounds, has better quickness than he does 40 time. He runs inside very effectively. Can bounce it to the perimeter. He’s got some skills. I think as a later round pick, he’ll make a team and contribute. You saw what [FAU's} Alfred Morris did last year as a sixth round pick.

"[I'm] not as high on Brandon McGee as some people may be. He has recovery ability. He flashes in coverage. I think he still needs a little bit of work. I projected him more as a late round pick. So they’re both late round picks, I’m just a little higher on James right now as I am on McGee as an overall rating.”


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