proCanes' Reactions to UM's Self Imposed Bowl Ban on Twitter

Tyler Horn @Tyler63Horn
I understand the decision and not for one second blame the coaches or the Admin. I just think the process needs to be expedited by the NCAA.

Tyler Horn @Tyler63Horn
The NCAA needs to change. Making 2 classes w/ an overwhelming majority of innocent players miss out on what they earned is just plain wrong

DeMarcus Van Dyke @D_VanDyke8
Let the seniors enjoy what they worked for! We don't know what the NCAA is going to do so don't tell me that BS

DeMarcus Van Dyke @D_VanDyke8
This is like we are punishing them kids for a bad report card their big brother receive

Ottis OJ Anderson @OJAnderson24
Say what?! “@hurricanesports: Miami Hurricanes Make Unprecedented Decision to Forego Bowl Opportunity in 2012 ”

Alonzo Highsmith @alonzohighsmith
I am done with Miami!!! God bless them and wish them well? Will worry about Packers? Run right from the top!!!

Alonzo Highsmith @alonzohighsmith
Will not commit anymore on the Miami situation anymore? What's done is done? Did Donna give up her pay check?

Sean Goldstein @Sgoldie_daU53
As a UM fan and former player today couldn't be much worse. We self-impose another bowl ban and nd is ranked 1 #yikes

Sean Goldstein @Sgoldie_daU53
I couldn't feel any worse for those guys on the team who have to deal with another bowl ban. Too much work gets put in for this to happen

Jacory Harris @12JHarris12
Wow, those guys worked to hard to get where they are this year!

Kyle Bellamy @KyleBellamy_U
I wonder if the NCAA will care that UM has self imposed bowl ban passed 2 years. They never really liked us in first place

BonecrusherDan Sileo @DanSileoShow
What are the Canes waiting for...Ohio State REGRETS not giving last years bowl does USC...HUGE mistake if we DONT

Brian Monroe @TrainerRoe
Smh! #staystrong #ufamily

Brandon Harris @HarrisNOFLYZONE
"I'm pissed why punish yourself twice the NCAA could care less about self imposed they still bringing the hammer,” he posted.

Olivier Vernon told the sun-sentinel: "Sometimes I guess you feel like the school doesn’t have your back," said Miami Dolphin Olivier Vernon, a member of the 2011 Hurricane team that also sat out a bowl ban. "You work so hard in the season to get to a bowl game, get to ACC championship, and to know that your school gave up a bowl bid kinda hurts a little bit but I’m not there so I ain’t worrying about it right now." Vernon also recalled how the 2011 team responded a week after being told a bowl was out.

"A lot of guys were down," he said. "It’s not a good feeling. But you’ve got to wish the best for things to come next year and the following (years)."

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