Ray Lewis misses annual Thanksgiving charity event, continues rehab

Injured Ravens star middle linebacker Ray Lewis didn't attend his annual Thanksgiving turkey giveaway event today due to a scheduling conflict with his rehabilitation schedule, according to an officer with his charitable foundation.

Lewis is on injured reserve-designated to return after tearing his right triceps and undergoing surgery, but is expected to potentially return in time for the postseason.

"He has some rehab things to take care of at this time," said Julian Brown, an officer with the Ray Lewis Foundation. "He had some other things he had to take care of as well on a personal level."

Lewis' foundation handed out holiday packages to 500 preselected families, including a turkey, carrots, potatoes, blankets and jackets.

"It's about giving back," Brown said. "We do it to reach a population and make sure we're touching different areas of the community."

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