Bernie Kosar's rookie stats weren't that impressive either

Is Brandon Weeden the Browns' quarterback of the future?

Offensive coordinator Brad Childress is not ready to make a definitive declaration on that just yet.

"I want to see him grow here in the second half of the season and the last seven games and play through this Cleveland-Pittsburgh weather," Childress is quoted in a story by Mary Kay Cabot. "I want to see all of that. I want to see the whole body of work before I venture an opinion on where he's at."

Have you seen enough of Weeden to know if he is the long-term solution? Browns fans have been debating that in the comments section of the story. In today's Comment of the Day, pitwinston compares Weeden to Bernie Kosar. He posts,

"Bernie's rookie season he had a 50% comp rate, 8 TDS and 7 INT and his qb rating was 68.9. That was with two 1,000 running backs and a hall of fame tight end. Weeden has played nine games with a rookie rb, 3 rookie wr, a 2nd year te and wr, and a couple of mediocre veterans (MoMass & Watson). He has also had his receivers drop multiple passes, which not only affects his overall numbers, but have killed drives and on multiple occasions stopped momentum on drives as well. His numbers: 55.1 comp%, 9 td 12 int and a 67.9 qb rating. Pretty similar numbers because that is how rookie qb's play. Weeden needs to play a minimum of a full season and if he shows any improvement in the last 7 games a full season next year too. Besides, if McCoy was such a better option wouldn't the coaching staff that is fighting for their jobs be playing him over Weeden?"

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