Chris Myers Backs O’Brien Resting Texans Players Throughout Preseason

There was maybe no bigger beneficiary of how Bill O’Brien managed Houston Texans players’ health this preseason than center Chris Myers.

Myers may be the biggest fan of the strategy.

“I think it was handled unbelievably (well),” Myers said. “I mean, that’s what they get paid for upstairs, to be able to make those decisions. It’s the first camp I’ve in where guys actually got healthy during camp, as opposed to unhealthy. So it’s pretty impressive.”

Myers played only 18 snaps this preseason, all in the opener against the Arizona Cardinals. Receiver Andre Johnson played (and rested) the same amount in his only appearance, against the Denver Broncos. Linebacker Brian Cushing saw only 14, playing only against the Broncos. Running back Arian Foster and cornerback Johnathan Joseph, meanwhile, didn’t play a single down. All battled injuries in camp or were coming off of injuries last season.

It’s a delicate balance, between pushing players too hard in games that don’t count, and not doing enough to get them up to game speed for when they do.
Myers, though, said he’s fully healthy ready to play in Sunday’s regular season opener against Washington.

“I’m feeling good, feeling good,” he said. “Once you get to the regular season, no one’s 100 percent. I was happy to get some down time a little bit, but I’m raring and ready to go now.”

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