Brandon McGee speaks on swag and personal brand

It’s been awhile since I’ve interviewed some of our local celebs who are “style broker certified.” But I’m back with a stylish, young chap who is not only humble, but he possesses that classic, boy-next-door charm that will get him far in his career.

The newest addition to the Style File roster is rookie cornerback for the St. Louis Rams, Brandon McGee. He’s not only a good addition to the Rams organization, he’s eager to be an overall household brand name.

Coming from humble beginnings, Brandon knows what it takes to make it in today’s media-saturated society, and he’s conscious of his privilege to be a part of a professional football organization. He was picked in the 5th round and 149th overall in the 2013 NFL draft.

He’s not your average, cliché ball player. He has an overall laidback style and prefers to be at home compared to the club. Peep the file and get familiar with the dude.

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