Pat Burrell lauded for info on Tigers

One Giant who had a terrible 2010 World Series made a much bigger contribution this time, though he wears no uniform, carries no bat or glove, and does not set foot on the diamond.

Team officials say rookie scout Pat Burrell made a significant contribution reporting on the Tigers. Burrell, along with former Giants catcher and Detroit resident Brian Johnson, attended the American League Championship Series between the Tigers and Yankees and provided insights that helped the front office and field staff create a game plan for the World Series.

That includes how to pitch Tigers hitters, the tendencies of Detroit's pitchers and where to station the Giants on defense.

Burrell is part of a large team involved in the process, but several Giants officials say they have leaned heavily on information provided by Burrell, who has a unique perspective, having played so recently.

"Pat has done a really remarkable job all year helping out with advancing, but also here as we're playing a team we haven't seen," manager Bruce Bochy said.

Bochy acknowledged that rookie scouts rarely get an assignment as important as advancing the World Series, "but he's a huge baseball fan. He loves the game. Even as a player, he was always one of the first guys at the ballpark. When he wasn't playing, he studied the game. He's done a great job."

Burrell helped the Giants reach the 2010 postseason but batted .143 once they got there. He was hitless in the World Series and struck out 11 times in 13 at-bats.

Toward the end of the regular season, Burrell said he was not sure what he would do for the Giants in 2013 but said he loved scouting this season. A foot injury forced him to retire last year at 35.

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