Santana Moss says first two games were Griffin’s preseason

Wide receiver Santana Moss said Wednesday that as far as he’s concerned, the Washington Redskins’ first two regular season games served as the preseason for Robert Griffin III that the quarterback didn’t have this summer.

“I don’t know,” Moss said when asked about the team’s reduced use thus far this season of option-style running plays with Griffin. “He just got back to playing, man. I mean, this is only like his second preseason game. You’re gonna go out there and run him crazy? To me, that’s how I look at it. These first two regular season games are just being two preseason games for this kid. You’re not gonna go out there and make him do a bunch of stuff that, you know, you’re not sure of. Once he gets his feeling back and, I think, the coaches confident with him doing all that stuff, then I’m pretty sure they’ll let him do more.

“But right now I don’t think that’s what we need to do to win games. We have it in there. We have called it. But if they’re keying on him, then he’s not going to run the ball. And that’s what teams [are] doing. Teams are gonna come and key on him. So you’ll see him hand the ball off. And I’m glad he’s doing that because we don’t need that right now. We just need to do what we know how to do and that’s make plays, and we’ll be able to try to win these games.”

Griffin started the first two games of the season after being withheld from the entire preseason while working his way back from knee surgery in January.

Asked about the contention that Griffin is not as fast this season as he was last season, Moss said: “That’s not why we’re losing games. I don’t know. I don’t know about that. I’m not even going to comment on that because that ain’t got nothing to do with what we’re doing as far as a team. To me, honestly, that’s something that I won’t want to comment on because regardless if he’s fast or not, we still should be able to go out there and put up points and do what we’re supposed to do on offense. That’s something that I’ll let him have that.”

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