PFF mid-season All-Pro team features Calais Campbell

About a week ago, I presented to you the Pro Football Focus Pro Bowl cheat sheet list. On it were Daryl Washington and Calais Campbell, but only one of them was mentioned in a positive light. Washington was excluded from their list, as they believed that due to a few missed tackles, NaVorro Bowman and Sean Lee made it ahead of him. Patrick Willis, another 49ers linebacker, was also in the mix, but didn't make it.

Even with his 2 sacks and 6 tackles against the 49ers on Monday Night Football, nothing has changed. D-Wash was excluded from another Pro Football Focus list.

PFF still has Washington on the outside looking in on their mid-season All-Pro team. With Sean Lee out for the season, Patrick Willis has stepped in to take the second 3-4 inside linebacker spot next to Bowman. Here is their reasoning:

The hardest decision out there. It was near impossible to leave Daryl Washington and his eight sacks off the team, but he can at times be a little erratic in the run game and has a tendency to miss tackles (11), which puts him a whisker behind the 49ers' duo. Both men have shown their versatility with some excellent play going backwards and coming forwards. If Sean Lee was still healthy he'd be in consideration as well.

Honorable Mentions: Daryl Washington (ARZ)

And just like last time, I still disagree with their analysis. Even if he misses a few tackles, it his presence on the field that makes all the difference. He commands attention wherever he is and can make plays from any position on the field. Can Willis or Bowman play safety? I don't think so. Washington can.

But don't be too sad, Cardinals fans. We still have Calais Campbell. He was one of the top names listed among 3-4 front defensive linemen next to Aubrayo Franklin and J.J. Watt. PFF doesn't mention much about Campbell other than, "the Cardinals' right end (is) having another stellar season."

Campbell has certainly been dominant, but has been near invisible for a couple of games this season. I was surprised to see Washington be snubbed, but Campbell make it. It's all in the positions they play, I guess.

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