Leon Williams discusses return to team

The Kansas City Chiefs signed linebacker Leon Williams to the team on Thursday after placing defensive end Allen Bailey on the injured reserve. The Chiefs originally signed Williams in the preseason, but the linebacker did not make the final roster cut.

Williams talked to the media on Thursday about his return to Kansas City. A reporter asked Williams how he had been spending his time since being cut, and Williams responded:

I've been home. I've been in New York, staying in shape, talking to teams, staying in touch with my agent - telling me to stay in shape and everything."

The Chiefs current situation is not a normal situation for any football team, and Williams is now a part of it. The linebacker discussed what it was like observing the situation as an outsider:

"It was hard watching. I kept up with everything and I know these guys out here work very hard to compete. And it's a hard league to compete in, but you go in every day and you give your best."

The media also asked Williams about his relationship with Jovan Belcher. Even though Williams only made a brief stop in Kansas City, he remembered Belcher:

"Oh yeah, I knew Jovan. He's a New York guy too. Me and him clicked really fast when I came here."

Williams has been in the NFL since 2006, and played under Romeo Crennel in Cleveland.

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