Ken Dorsey

Job change coming for Dorsey Sunday

BEREA — There are certain jobs in sports that seem extra appealing to the average fan.

Playing professional golf is one. You make lots of money with little chance of suffering a crippling injury.

Being a backup quarterback in the NFL isn’t bad, either. You stand on the sideline with a clipboard in your hands, walk off the field with a clean uniform and get paid handsomely.

So why in the world would Ken Dorsey want to leave the comfort of the sideline to start at quarterback Sunday when the Browns close the season against the Houston Texans? Especially when he’ll have to line up behind a line that’s down to third-string right tackle Nat Dorsey and might have to start backups at the guard spots because of injuries to Joe Andruzzi and Cosey Coleman.

Ken Dorsey: Believe the hype - or not

This Sunday, the NFL's ultimate losers - my beloved Cleveland Browns - will finally get a chance to work with one of college football's all-time winners.
Not Charlie Frye.

The Ohio boy who had a great career at the University of Akron, will miss yet another game with a "not" broken wrist.

Not Derek Anderson, the guy from Oregon who we've been told five million times about the way he was given shoes when he was a kid from the Portland Trailblazers. No, after turning in four mediocre performances under center for the Browns - and somehow convincing a few fans that he was the answer - Anderson is on IR after separating a shoulder Sunday against Tampa Bay.

Instead it's going to be Ken Dorsey.

Browns will turn to Ken Dorsey at quarterback

CLEVELAND - Browns quarterback Ken Dorsey will find himself in a familiar position when he takes snaps against the Houston Texans on Sunday afternoon - that of fill-in. He will replace Derek Anderson, who suffered a shoulder separation in the 22-7 loss Sunday to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

But the way the fourth-year signal caller from the University of Miami speaks, he has little problem with assuming that role, a surprising observation in that in his prior three years, he has started just 10 games, the last being against the Tennessee Titans on Nov. 27, 2005. In that game as quarterback of the San Francisco 49ers, he went 23-for-43 for 192 yards, one touchdown and two interceptions. In fact, he doesn't seem fazed in the least.

"The way I look at it, as a professional it's my job to be ready in any situation. It's not the first time this happened to me," he said. "I feel like I'm going to prepare and try to get ready for next week. I feel like I owe it to the city and I owe it to the guys on the team to prepare the best I can and play the best I can."

Dorsey and Cribbs, your QBs for next week

JUST when you thought the Browns' season couldn't get any more bizarre.

Starting at quarterback, No. 11 Ken Dorsey.

Now THAT will make you choke on your holiday eggnog, eh?

So much for tidings of comfort and joy at the holiday season.

After 15 weeks, that's where the Browns stand. Ken Dorsey is their starting quarterback and return man-extraordinaire Joshua Cribbs is his backup.

Dorsey Changes His Number

Quarterback Ken Dorsey is wearing 11 instead of 5.


Ken Dorsey Update

QB Ken Dorsey. Dorsey is the most experienced QB in camp, but he has had some bad experiences. He was 2-8 as a 49ers starter, with a weak 63.7 rating. He has lit a couple of fires this preseason, but has just a 59.0 rating. If the Browns become convinced that Derek Anderson isn’t too slow and gangly, his preseason pizzazz could make him the backup to Charlie Frye.

Backup QB race is on tap - Browns-Bills game to decide key roles

The third preseason game is a dress rehearsal for the season, but tonight's game in Buffalo is also a chance for the Browns to settle their remaining personnel decisions.

"We have a quarterback battle, a linebacker battle and a safety battle we have to make a deci sion on," said coach Romeo Crennel. "Those are some that are at the fore front. But it's a competition ev erywhere, and competition makes everyone better."

Here is a look at where some of those battles stand heading into the game:

Backup quarterback: Quarterback Charlie Frye and the rest of the starters will play into the third quarter, so the backups won't get much playing time. Derek Anderson will most likely come off the bench after Frye.

Crennel needs to determine if he can go into the season with Ken Dorsey and Anderson backing up Frye, or if he needs to call on his friend Vinny Testaverde - or another veteran.

Anderson, Dorsey still competing to be No. 2

BEREA - You look around among the NFL’s arms of August and wonder what it means.
Former Round 7 pick Matt Cassel leads the league with 421 preseason passing yards. Have the Patriots found another Tom Brady?
Jay Cutler has passed for 291 yards and has a 111.3 rating. Would he have been a good pick had he dropped to the Browns at No. 12 overall, rather than getting plucked by Denver at No. 11?
Anthony Wright, 30, has given the Bengals 200 yards with no interceptions. Is he the kind of veteran who might have fit in Cleveland, instead of signing with Cincinnati on April 20?
You wonder what it means that the Browns don’t have a quarterback with more than Ken Dorsey’s 123 preseason yards ... what it means that Charlie Frye’s two-game totals include 64 yards and a 67.8 rating ... what it means that young Derek Anderson has a through-the-roof passer rating of 125.2.

Backup Dorsey may have bought himself some time

BEREA -- Just when it seemed Ken Dorsey had no chance of making the final roster, he goes out and does what a backup quarterback is supposed to do.

What Dorsey did in relief of Charlie Frye Friday night wasn't enough for coach Romeo Crennel to say, ''I told you so.'' It might not even have been enough for Dorsey to get another chance when the Browns play the Bills in their third exhibition game next Saturday, but there is no denying Dorsey was at his best when he had to be.

Backup QB battle is on (Ken Dorsey)

The Browns’ search for their No. 2 quarterback will get a second look.
Browns head coach Romeo Crennel had said before training camp started that he wanted to make a decision on that job by the second preseason game.
But the second preseason contest came and went Friday night, and Crennel said he still hasn’t made up his mind between Ken Dorsey and Derek Anderson.

Crennel likes talent he has backing up Frye

Ken Dorsey and Derek Anderson have prevented a Browns quarterback search for at least another week.
"I think they both did enough to warrant another look," coach Romeo Crennel said. "They're still in the competition right now."
Crennel said he'd feel comfortable going into the season with Dorsey and Anderson as backups "if they can make progress this week like they made last week."

Solid play vs. Lions helps Dorsey's case

Just when it seemed Ken Dorsey had no chance of making the final roster, he goes out and does what a backup quarterback is supposed to do.
What Dorsey did in relief of Charlie Frye on Friday night against the Lions wasn't enough for Coach Romeo Crennel to say, "I told you so."
It might not even have been enough for Dorsey to get another chance when the Browns play the Bills in their third exhibition game next Saturday, but there is no denying Dorsey was at his best when he had to be.

Dorsey Getting More Comfortable

CLEVELAND — For one night there was no need for Browns general manager Phil Savage to have Kerry Collins or Vinny Testaverde on speed dial. The competition for the backup quarterback spot to Charlie Frye resulted in enough positive signs to stick with the plan for another week. Ken Dorsey and Derek Anderson showed more poise and accuracy than they have throughout most of training camp and in the first preseason game. Dorsey, who’s listed second on the depth chart, completed 11-of-16 passes for 75 yards and one interception. He was 7-of-10 for 52 yards on a two-minute drive late in the second quarter that produced a 32-yard field goal by Phil Dawson.