Kelly Jennings Update

Seahawks rookie cornerback Kelly Jennings, who played at Miami, watched replays of the Hurricanes’ brawl against Florida International on Saturday with shock and concern.

The shock was seeing so many players fighting, kicking and swinging helmets. The concern was for his nephew, Bruce Johnson, who now plays for the Hurricanes.

Johnson, a sophomore defensive back and punt returner, emerged from the brawl OK but was one of the 13 Miami players suspended.

“He’s kind of a hothead sometimes, and I’m trying to teach him a little bit of what I’ve learned,” Jennings said, adding that he agrees with the suspensions.

He said events like Saturday’s only feed into the negative image of Hurricanes players being thugs, which he said is a bad rap.

“Yes it is,” he said gesturing to the locker room and laughing. “I get that from these guys all the time.”