Hey Bernie Stick To Football!

I was a big fan of Bernie Kosar. He led the Browns to 3 AFC Champonship and played a key role getting the Dallas Cowboys in the Super Bowl the year the Browns released him by subbing for Troy Aikman in the NFC Champonship game. Earlier this year he became entangled in a nasty divorce case and again I supported him because I always thought his wife Babette was always a gold digger.

So, whats Bernie up to now? He is doing ads for Mike Dewine to get re-elected. I agree that everyone should have there say but c'mon Bernie you live in Florida not Ohio. Haven't you seen how your hometown of Youngstown has been neglected by the GOP led Senate. Bernie, I think you would do a lot of good if you just kept your mouth shut on this one and watch while Sherrod Brown wins Dewine's seat.