Morgan expects to play next season

Linebacker Dan Morgan reiterated Wednesday that he expects to return next season."I feel great; I'm ready to come back next year and get it rolling," he said before entering Bank of America Stadium to lift weights. "I've been sitting and watching the games, I feel totally fine and I'm ready to go."

Morgan was put on the injured reserve list and is out for the season after suffering a concussion in the season opener.

Morgan said he no longer has headaches or other symptoms from the concussion. He's scheduled to meet again in February with a doctor who specializes in the treatment of concussions.

"I definitely feel like I could be out there and making our defense even better, but it's easy saying that in the stands," he said. "The doctors wanted to make sure there were no problems next year, that's why they sat me the rest of this year. Nothing's guaranteed, but it's given me a great shot to come back next year and be real healthy."